Cohen'S Lifestyle Centre Singapore

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Dr Cohen's Lifestyle Program is an Individual Program, based on international research over 20 years ago in the USA, Europe and South Africa by Dr Cohen and his Research Partners which is: Rapid but healthy fat loss which firms the muscles, tones and shapes the body while reducing fat content and overall weight! It is not a kilojoule-based, neither a high protein diet... It is a balanced eating program! The Lifestyle Program has been available for over 20 years with many thousands of successful clients from all over the world. Food is the only thing you take... (your food becomes your 'medicine'!). No injections, diet pills nor tonics! Your 'diet' is individually created for you and is based on your specific profile. You are unique, and so your treatment and return to health and wellness is also a unique journey.


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  • Slimming
  • Dieting
  • Improve Health
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Cohen'S Lifestyle Centre
238A Thomson Road #13-07 Novena Square Tower A, Singapore 307684
Phone: (65) 6353 9210
Fax: (65) 6832 8018
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