Jin Long Lion Arts Association (Singapore)

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Jin Long Lion Arts Association

Jin Long Lion Arts Association (Singapore) previously known as Kim Long Lion Dance Troupe is officially registered with Singapore Registry of Societies and also an affiliate with Singapore Wushu Dragon & Lion Dance Federation.

Established in 1985 by Mr Tan Eng Seng together with a group of enthusiasts who possess a strong passion for the traditional art. The association aims to promote the Chinese culture through Wushu, Dragon Dance, Lion Dance and Big Flags.

Provides the following professional services:

Lion Dance

  • Twin Lion with Big Head Harvesting the Green
  • Twin Lion Receiving of Guest Of Honour
  • Lion Conquering High Peak Pole
  • Twin Lion for Wedding
  • Freestyle High Pole Routine
  • Traditional Routine

Dragon Dance

  • Classic Dragon Routine
  • Luminous Dragon Routine
  • Freestyle Dragon Routine

Performance Add On

  • God of Fortune Mascot
  • 20 Metre Big Flag
  • Festive Drum

Customization available to suit the event needs.

Jin Long Lion Arts Association
No 5 Jalan Sendudok, Singapore 769449
Phone: 9828 8662, 9643 6314
Fax: 6728 2646