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The robins egg blue hue of a Tiffany & Co. box can elicit great excitement in its lucky recipients. This is because the jewellery houses classic designs and elegance have enchanted wearers for decades even inspiring a host of pop culture references in movies and music. What's lesser known is that Tiffany & Co. is also famous among industry insiders for its history-making innovations in metallurgy. The brand was also the first to adopt silver and platinum standards in America, influencing the US government to espouse the same ones, too.

Back in 1867 at the Paris Fair, the house won a grand prize for silver craftsmanship with its lavishly chased silver hollowware - the first time a foreign jury awarded such an honour to an American design house. Just over a decade later in 1878 at the same fair. Tiffany & Co. took home the Grand Prize for Excellence - a first for American silversmiths - for its complicated Japanesque silver, inlaid with mixed metals and complex alloys.

This year marks another iconic milestone in the brand's history: its 175th anniversary. One of the ways that Tiffany & Co. is celebrating its legacy of craftsmanship and history of firsts is by setting trends with new innovations. What better way to do so than by unveiling yet another unprecedented achievement with the Rubedo metal, a lightweight yet strong alloy that embodies the magical glow of dawn?

Keeping in mind Tiffany & Co.'s uncompromising quality standards, it took the brand's metallurgists more than two years to develop this jeweller's metal, which is an exquisite blend of gold, copper and silver. The blush-coloured Rubedo's name has origins in Latin, meaning the very highest achievement where matter and spirit fuse to create rare beauty.

To mark its distinctive sophistication, Rubedo will be showcased in approximately 20 pieces from the Tiffany 1837 collection, which honours the legacy and heritage of the house. From a stylish padlock pendant to a uniquely curved ring, as well as bangles, rings and charms interlaced with various metals including sterling silver, the Rubedo metal makes it all look effortlessly chic yet elegant with its pretty high gloss pink. A number of designs from this instantly iconic collection, including the padlock, bear the signature of Tiffany & Co. founder Charles Lewis Tiffany and is available exclusively in 2012.

With the season's fashion inclinations towards pastels and ultra feminine threads, the pink- hued jewellery in the collection is a perfect match for the stylish fashionista.

Tiffany & Co.
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