Flower Diamond Boutique

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The Vatican City may be the world's smallest country, but it is where you will find some of the most iconic artistic treasures. Look beyond the astounding architecture and artworks and you will also find some of the most beautiful handcrafted objects.

Some 120 years ago, Camillo Mariani, an accomplished silversmith and jeweller who honed his craft under Milanese masters, won the hearts of aristocrats and the discerning across Europe with his intricately designed and finely made chalices, crosses and rosaries. Overtime, this legacy of excellence and elegance was translated into fine jewellery.

Today, the house of Mariani is revered for its skill in amalgamating contemporary and classic styles using a blend of coloured, precious stones, boulles, rondele briolettes and pearls. This creativity is something conceptualised by the younger generation of Marianis and the result is truly brilliant - from the renaissance-inspired Fiori collection, where flowers and nature motifs seem to spring to life with unique shapes and colours, to the gradation of colours where the gold magically changes hue from black to white and brown to yellow, each jewel is a masterpiece. The house also prides itself on making each piece unique; every jewel is custom-fitted and comes in limited numbers.

Making jewellery with the same passion the brand displayed a century ago, the skilled craftsmen at Mariani present collections with a universal appeal. During the production process, careful attention to detail is paid to the choice of colour, shape, proportion and versatility of each creation. This is where humble sketches are transformed into stunning line jewellery pieces with an undeniable Mariani distinction.

Time-honoured traditions maybe important, but not wanting to stay in the past, Mariani cleverly harmonises the use of the old, trusted techniques with modern-day innovations to give clients the assurance of exceptional quality.

Rare and made for a select few, Mariani is available only in some of the world's most prestigious boutiques. In Singapore, the Mariani legacy continues at Flower Diamond Boutique.

Flower Diamond Boutique
391 Orchard Road #03-02 Takashimaya Shopping Centre. Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238874
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