Ligne Roset (French Design Furniture)

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Ligne Roset at Monticello

When French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec created the Ploum settee (sofa), they wanted it to be a gathering spot on which family members can relax and communicate. In a world where social interactions are becoming increasingly digitalised, such personal bonding between friends and family are taking on a more meaningful and important nature.

The Ploum’s spacious surface accommodates up to four people at any one time, allowing ample space for casual interaction. The settee's gradually curving croissant-like shape turns sitters towards each other around a common centre. This focal point facilitates eye contact, encourages conversation and fosters a sense of togetherness.

Padding made from an extremely flexible polyurethane foam allows the Ploum to cater to a wide variety of postures adopted by users. The foam is quick to adapt to the shape of a user sitting, lounging or even lying flat on the settee. This means that the surface of the settee is continuously contoured against the sitter’s body, much as sand might do so on a beach.

The Ploum's cosy seating is further complemented by surface fabric woven from high-grade polyester and held in place by strategically placed points of stitching. This makes for a high degree of elasticity, which in tandem with the flexible foam padding, offers users snug comfort and superior bodily support.

The fabric's elasticity also enables it to cover the entire curve of the settee's high backs and arms in one single run of fabric. Such continuity in appearance enhances the Ploum’s dramatic visual effect and conveys an unbroken sense of plushness. Yet more than just a seating appointment in the living room, this settee represents a new dimension around which modern furniture and home design concepts are built around, which focuses on bringing people together and creating an environment for social interaction. At the end of the day, homeowners will agree that while comfort and design has a price, the bonds strengthened by being able to spend time together makes the Ploum a priceless investment.

Ligne Roset sofa’s are available at Monticello, 331 North Bridge Road . Singapore.

Ligne Roset (French Design Furniture)
331 North Bridge Road, #01-01 Odeon Towers , Singapore 188720
Phone: 6235 4211