Yale Home Security Solution (Assa Abloy Group Brand)

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Forgetting your keys and getting locked out of the house is a common occurrence, especially for those who are constantly on the move. Fortunately, with advances in lock technology, these dismaying episodes are a thing of the past. With secure alternatives that free one from having to lug a key around, digital door locks are fast becoming a preferred solution among modern homeowners.

Yale's YDM4T09 fingerprint digital door lock brings residences a step closer to becoming homes of the future. Once the stuff of sci-fi movies, accurate and efficient fingerprint recognition technologies have found their way into Yale's suite of electronic locks. A gentle lap of the thumb is all that's required for a user to gain access into the home. The lock's finger print recognition system also works by way of a capacitative swipe-type sensor, which eliminates any residual print marks or stains left on the sensor's surface. This ensures that potential intruder are unable to retrieve marks left on the sensor in gain access.

As additional tiers of security, users may also configure for access to be triggered by a numeric PIN input or with the swipe of a lightweight personal secure electronic card. A correct PIN entry on the YDM4109 grants access only if the user follows up by touching the keypad with his or her palm. This requisite follow-up action has the effect of blurring out telltale fingerprints left on the touchpad from the PIN input process.

The VDM4109’s intelligent system is bolstered by its physical strength. Its bolls are made from an extremely tough variant of stainless steel resistant not only to brute force, but fire and electric shocks as well. A Shrill 80-dccibcl alarm is triggered should the lock be subject to brute force-turning the home into a well guarded fortress. For added peace of mind, Assa Abloy provides after-sales support for its range of biometric and digital locks any time of the day or night.

While the technology in this revolutionary lock represents a leap forward in home security, it is the confidence of knowing that your loved ones and posessions are well protected, which makes the YDM4109 worth considering.

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