The Carpenter's (Interior Designer)

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Discerning homeowners will appreciate that a true home design should not look "showroom perfect". Such untouched flawlessness appears artificial and cold when an interior designer does not inject personality and liveliness into the space. In turning a house into a home, harmoniously designed spaces should include aspects that add character to the abode based on who the inhabitants are. According to traditional Japanese design concepts, this form of "imperfect" beauty is known us wabi-sabi.

Grounded in this philosophy of using the homeowner as the inspiration, creative director Victor Ting and his team at design firm The Carpenter's have been creating unique spaces for both local & expat clientele since 1997.

Backed by the company's slogan "Design with U in Mind", The Carpenter's signature style of creating interiors that embody the distinctive tastes and needs of the homeowner has helped to establish the team as one of the leading interior design firms in Singapore.

Experienced in performing major renovation, addition and alteration works and reconstruction, The Carpenter's also stands out for its proven ability to think out of the box to provide tailored solutions.

"Just as our flaws are part of what makes us unique individuals, the use of materials and finishings with certain imperfections can create a beautifully one-of-a-kind home,” Ting explains. That was the aim of The Carpenter's design team when they carried out a complete overhaul of this 4,000 sq ft semi-detached house in Bukit Timah.

The homeowner gave the team free rein over the redesign of the house, with a basic brief that included two requests. The first required that the new design of the revamped decade-old house had to suit his family's lifestyle. Secondly, it was to be more elder-friendly as well to accommodate his father's needs.

To create a cosy and comfortable house with a natural beauty, designers at The Carpenter's decided to make wood and raw finishes the focal points of the space. This allowed the designers to create a new space which would serve the needs of the occupants, while retaining key elements of the old house where the family, particularly the owner's elderly father, had resided for many years.

Wood, a raw material which has plenty of character because each strip has its own distinctive grain and imperfections, was extensively used for both decorative and functional purposes.

Aside from key furnishings such as the tables and the bedroom flooring, wood was also the material of choice for a stretch of newly built panels.

Besides bolstering the home's aesthetic, the partition also helps to conceal functional areas such as the storeroom and the common toilet. These Functional zones were newly carved out after the kitchen was repositioned within this area.

One of the home's new highlights, literally, is its statement-making pitch roof. Instead of concealing it with a false ceiling, the designers displayed it openly to bring attention to the unique pattern created as a result of the structure of the attic. Showing the team's regard for both form and function, this feature also allows improved airflow and ventilation.

Taking just three and a half months to complete, this home illustrates The Carpenter's ability to go beyond set parameters. By focusing on the seemingly imperfect. The Carpenter's has created a highly functional space which boasts an individualistic new look, yet retains a reassuring sense of continuity and rootedness.

The Carpenter's (Interior Designer)
352 East Coast Road , Singapore 428969
Phone: 6346 7555

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