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Gastronomic Indulgences at Three sixty

Satisfying The Epicurean is no easy feat, but over at three sixty, The team has travelled the world to bring you exquisitely crafted produce from the finest Terrior. Whether it is a spoonful of silky caviar, full-bodied dry-aged angus beef, artisanal cheeses or a sliver of the rare jamom iberico de bellota, you’ll find it there.

Prized Pearls

Without caviar, the world of haute cuisine is simply incomplete, Revered by the ancient Persians as ‘Chav-Jar’, or the cake of power, caviar was believed to give energy and heal the body.

Today, this prized delicacy takes its place alongside other epicurean delights like foie gras and white truffles, It is hard to believe that these delicate and flavourful morsels are begotten From the female sturgeon, one of the most ancient species of fish that has graced the ocean for the past 250 million years.

At ThreeSixty, you’ll find the widest selection of caviars available to tempt even the most jaded palates. The Beluga caviar, otherwise known as the King of Caviar, impresses with its exceptionally large body, thin skin and steel grey sheen. No other caviar can rival the smooth, buttery flavours of this prized roe. Then there is Osietra caviar, regarded as the Queen of Caviar for its mediurn-sized roe and mild, nutty flavour. Similar to the Beluga caviar.

Sevruga caviar exhibits a buttery taste profile, but distinguishes itself by its soft grain and intense, briny flavours of the sea. For another elegant treat, opt for Baerioska caviar. Harvested from the Siberian sturgeon, this medium sized roe is crowned with a shimmer of Portuguese flor de sal.

To fully appreciate the textures and flavours released by each roe, savour them in small quartities at a time. Ideally, caviar should be served with mother of pearl utensils. Caviar is also a treat that can be savoured on its own, or served with blinis, creme Fraiche or Russian-style potatoes. For a touch of luxe, toast the experience with Champagne or vodka.


If you’ve ever had a quality, aged steak, you’ll know that it’s not an experience that can be easily had. But at Three Sixty, the in-store butchers take pride reviving the artisanal tradition of dry aging quality meat for your pure gustatory pleasure. The process begins with nothing less than a prime cut of Diamantina Angus beef, a beautifully marbled, grain-fed beef. Over the next 14 to 21 days, the beef is aged in a carefully calibrated environment. During the aging process, natural enzymes in the meat break down the hard connective tissues within, achieving an exquisite end product characterised by exceptional tenderness and intense flavours. For steak perfection, look no further than their dry-aged Angus beef we’ll suggest that you enjoy it medium-rare, paired with an elegant glass of Shiraz.


Put together the perfect cheese platter with ThreeSixty’s carefully curated selection of artisanal cheeses from some of the best cheese producers in Europe and America. The Xavier David Selection, a hallmark of quality and selectivity, presents you with the same cheeses that have made the cut at the discerning tables of Michelin-starred restaurants. Whether you reach for the Reblochon de Savoie, Tomme Fermier or Selles SurCher, you can be assured that each cheese bears the stamp of approval from Xavier David, a prominent French cheese specialist with half a century’s experience in the field. Then there are the artisanal cheeses from America. A winner of the US Cheese Championship in 2011, Evalon is a gouda-style cheese for those who cannot get enough of their chevre. It marries the rich qualities of a goat cheese with the elegant favours ard texture of Italian Asiago. A versatile cheese it melts and combines beautifully with meat, vegetables or crusty bread. Alternatively, grate or shred it over dishes that call for a lighter touch. Children car savour the cheese with fresh fruit juice while adults can choose to pair it with a fruity white, sweet Riesling, or if you choose to indulge, some Champagne.

Taste of Tradition

Making balsamic vinegar the authentic way is a rea1 labour of love. Grapes are harvested, gently crushed to yield their juices and cooked over an open fire before being transferred to wooden casks for not one or two, but the next twelve years. Truly, good things come to those who wait and only the producers who abide by the highest art of vinegar making can label their produce as Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale, or traditional balsamic vinegar. Balsamic vinegar enhances everything it touches. It is a rich harmony of the sweet, tart and piquant, and a few drops is all you need to wake a sleepy salad or coax the sweetness From strawberries.


Consider the Jamon Iberico de bellota: a prized ham cured to perfection, kissed with an exquisite nutty flavour and perfumed with a sweet and savoury aroma. On the tongue, it melts like butter, and few who have tried it would disagree that it is the pinnacle of porcine perfection. The lberico feed on a lush diet of foraged acorns, wild herbs and aromatic plants. The rare jamon Iberico is produced exclusively in Spain and celebrated as a national treasure. Savour this delicacy in true Spaniard fashion - unadorned and at room temperature.

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