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Alessi Store Singapore

With Alessi’s Collection of Artisanal Knives, You'll be Well Equipped to Cook with Confidence

Slicing cheese is a delicate process. Piercing a blunt knife through a soft cheese would bruise it, while a slim knife would hardly find success with a hard cheese. More than just battling with form, consider too, the flavours of the cheese. The taste profile of each cheese is not uniform. Rather, it surprises with different flavours and perfumes as you move from the edge towards the centre. Discovering subtleties is part of the pleasure in tasting, and to savour the full spectrum of flavours, each cheese of varying hardness and texture must be matched to the appropriate blade. This is where the Milky Way Minor collection from Alessi comes in hardy. With this set of four cheese knives, you'll be well equipped to tackle the full range of hard, semi-hard, soft and semi-soft cheeses.

Each knife in the Milky Way Minor collection is wrought with the same craftsmanship you’ll find in your artisanal cheeses. The sculpted beauty has its beginnings in the Andrea Berti cutlery works in Scarperia, a small town famed for its ancient cutlery tradition. Each knife receives the attention of a sole craftsman, who sees the production from start to end, from Forging the blade in steel to pairing it with a thermoplastic resin handle. While the end product is a lyrical tribute to the ancient cutlery tradition, it also exudes the sleek, contemporary design aesthetics of Italian designers Gian franco and Anna Gasparini. Let these gorgeous knives sit pretty on your cheese board or house them in an elegant knife block crafted out of bamboo wood. While this four-piece knife is modelled after the impeccable La Via Lattea cheese knives collection by the same Italian design duo, its affordable pricing means that anyone who enjoys his cheese can own a set too. With the right accoutrements at your fingertips, you can certainly have your cheese and eat it too.

For everything else, designers Gian Franco and Anna Gasparini have introduced the Tatau series, the latest collection of knives that make for a vital addition to your kitchen arsenal. The series comprises a paring knife, filleting knife, kitchen knife, multi-purpose knife and bread knife. While each knife is precise in purpose, together, the Tatau collection is versatile enough to tackle any food preparation task in the kitchen. To select a knife best suited for a certain task, simply refer to the visuals inscribed on the blades; it reveals the foods you can tackle with each knife while showing you the best way to grip it. A sleek storage solution for the knives comes in the form of a knife block built from laminated bamboo, inlaid with magnets to hold your knives in pace. The collection is also complemented by a matching bamboo bread board equipped with resin drawers to collect stray crumbs.

The knives are available at Alessi Store Singapore, #04-22/23 Ion Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn

Alessi Store Singapore
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