Fat Cow

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Fat Cow

At Fat Cow, you indicate the thickness of your ribeye by using a knife to make a cut on a marbled chunk of wagyu, and the chef will slice accordingly. "Usually, when you go to a steakhouse, you can't picture what 100g or 150g is like," explains chef Wing Lam, formerly from Kinki but who is now overseeing the restaurant's early stages of operation. "At Fat Cow, we want diners to have a good idea of the size of their cuts."

Top grade beef is the focus at Fat Cow, a 45-seater Japanese-inspired meat atelier, which takes over the site of former French eatery Le Figue at Camden Medical Centre. Four meat types- Japanese Grade A3 and A5 from Kagoshima, Australian wagyu (marbling score of 8+) from Stockyard Ranch and Blackmore farm, and American wagyu from Snake River Farms - nestle neatly in fridge in the open kitchen behind a 17-seater wooden counter. Along with five private rooms demarcated by pinewood partitions with rice paper screens, the interior is minimalist and clean.

Like the decor, the culinary execution isn't complicated. "It's about letting the ingredients natural flavours come through, and not overworking things," stresses Lam. That's why Lam recommends shabu shabu (one of four cooking methods for the beef, the others being charcoal-grilled, sukiyahi and teppan) for our Japanese Grade A5 beef ($95/100g), as a quick swish in the stock retains the juiciness of its highly marbles goodness. Our Blackmore cut ($85/100g), charcoal grilled to a perfect, tender medium rare, gives its Japanese peer a run for the money too. We find that a little dip of ginger sauce adds a delightful sweet accent to the nutty, creamy taste of the meat - matched by the soft tannins of a Chianti Classico Riserva 2007 from Fattoria Viticcio ($26/glass). Currently, Lam has ribeye and tendon cuts available in his kitchen, but he'll be working with other beef parts like cheeks and toungue in the future.

There are other non-beef options in the regular menu, such as the Yuba Wrapped Uni and Scallop Tempura ($30/2 pieces), a wanton lookalike whose crisp tofu skin adds an enticing texture to the tender, aromatic filling. The seasonal menu, made up of sushi, sashimi and other side dishes, offers some impressive discoveries, such as the Ankimo ($25), a melt-in-your-mouth monkfish liver; and the Matsutake King Mushroom Soup ($50) is a richly perfumed elixir served in a rustic teapot.

Fat Cow opens for dinner only.

Fat Cow
#01-01 Camden Medical Centre. 1 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore
Phone: 6735 0308