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  • My wife, daughter and I went to visit Singapore in July this year. We had such a lovely time in your beautiful country, that we thought we would make it our stopover next time we go anywhere else in the world. Cheers.
Marcia Lopez, Australia
5 Sep 2005
  • It's "The Day After." I am at work the day after returning from Singapore. I am sitting at my desk in Taipei, Taiwan, an hour into work planning my next trip to Singapore. 5 days in your amazingly clean, vibrant, hospitable country and I'm hooked. I will visit again soon, and if the opportunity arises, I will work in Singapore as well. I'm in love. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime.
Michael Brookhart, Canada
4 Aug 2005
  • I'm a Singaporean studying in Australia and have not been back for some time. I must say that I miss Singapore lots.. Singapore food especially, my taste buds are waiting!
Daphne, Australia
20 Jun 2005
  • This was my second visit to Singapore from 24th Dec to 5th Jan 2005 along with my family. My wife was complaining to me before our departure that our stay is very long and we will get bored. Now ask her and she is completely bowled over by the amazing hospitality and the cleanliness, orderliness, the civic sense embodied in the Singaporeans and other nationalities residing there. A classic example of cosmopolitan mix of society at its best. Now both my wife and child are after me to schedule my next trip as early as possible.
Atul Jolly, India
17 Jun 2005
  • I was completely overwhelmed by your beautiful country, everything was perfect no litter, no crime. Such wonderful friendly people, such food!! We came back to a miserable cold UK in the middle of June, and started to plan our return trip already. 2 weeks just isn't enough time to fit everything in, Sentosa, Pulau Ubin, the Zoo, the different quarters within the city, and did I mention the food? Other countries need to take a leaf out of your book, a shining example to the world. Warmest regards, Ivan Lavelle Old Trafford, Manchester, UK.
Ivan Lavelle, United Kingdom
14 Jun 2005
  • Friendly and cheerful are the characters of her people. The culture has been wonderfully brought up along the years. Fantastic facets and faces. i'm glad that i was there. There's nothing more that one could ask for. Superb work by its civilised citizens though the country may be just a dot on the map. As you walk along the roads of Singapore, it seems like an adventure of a lifetime! Dreams are fulfilled in this paradise of food and shopping! Build larger shooping malls so that my famiy and i can stay longer! Nevertheless, good job to the government and credits to the citizens! CHEERS. -clare.
Clare Moore, Norway
14 Jun 2005
  • I spent 1 wonderful week in Singapore with my classmates for a school trip and I can tell you that it was the best week of my life. I have always had a fondness for Asian countries, and I fell in love with Singapore the moment I stepped out of the airport. The smells, the skyscrapers, the nightlife, the heat, and most of all the markets on Bugis street! I never knew that shopping could be so intense and exciting! Also, I never wanted to leave the Sim Lim Square shopping plaza, where i drooled (and spent money on) the most awesome technology I had ever seen. The Sentosa Island laser-light show is an unbelievable spectacle, and is not to be missed! I cannot possibly recall and type every event of my favourite holiday, but i urge you to go and have an experience as good as mine! (I held a snake woohoo!!)
Mitchell Houlbrooke, New Zealand
8 Jun 2005
  • Singapore, you are really impressive! To me, you are 75 to 100 years ahead of the Philippines! It's sad for us but it is true. It is discipline and determination that made Singapore ahead of most Asian countries.During our our stay in Singapore - 17 to 21 of April 2005- the parliament was debating whether or not to allow casino to operate in the peninsula. Imagine, the main consideration was not even how much will be generated with the casino. The members of the parliament, the prime minister and the "iron man" were talking about the possible impact of casino on the traditional values of Singapore. We look forward to seeing more of the beautiful Singapore with their Integrated Resorts in 2009..
Edwin D. Doyo, Philippines
9 May 2005
  • An American, I lived in Singapore for two years, 1984 and 1985.
Reading the comments of other visitors on this site brings back many fond memoried. Towit: My daughter was born there -- medical care is second to nothing nowhere!!
Every comment is, not surprisingly, positive. There is not much of a way to stretch the truth about Singapore. It is simply and unequivocally great: Clean, efficient, safe, friendly & courteous, and all that with superlatives. I am homored to have lived there ... to have had the opportunity to experience the city/state in depth, to know its features and its people.
Would I live there again? In a heartbeat. It's probably the most civilized, and civil, place I've ever lived or visited, and that's saying something!
Go and enjoy, but be warned, Singapore is addictive!!
Dan Walters, United States
4 May 2005
  • Just wish to say how much I appreciate the helpfulness and honesty of the Singaporean people. On my third and recent visit to your country, I lost my wallet and didn't realize it until I returned to the hotel at least an hour later. Frantically I tried calling all the possible places I visited that eveniing. To my relief, the friendly staff at Night Safari confirmed that they had my wallet (and everything inside). I just cannot imagine getting back a lost wallet (in a park where zillions of people pass through) in any city/country other than Singapore. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Toni YEUNG, Hong Kong
24 Apr 2005