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  • Two things amaze me about Singapore, its efficiency and discipline. We have a lot to learn from you... What's amazing about this city is that there is a quiet peace that prevails all over the country. For women and children it's an ideal place to be; it's a very safe country.
Amitabh Bachchan, India.
  • Food-crazed Singapore is probably the best place on earth for sampling the astonishing variety of Asia's many cuisines. There are formal restaurants galore, but what you are looking for is the city's wealth of street food where visiting dignitaries bond with cab drivers at all hours of the day.
Patricia Schultz, Journalist, 1000 Places to See before You Die, United States.
  • I love the heat, I love the humidity... I may never leave this region.
Jon Jonsson, Winner of Manhunt - America's Most Gorgeous Male Model, on Singapore (Straits Times Life!, 21 Feb 2005).
  • The first thing I had when I arrived here was a bowl of Laksa. Another favourite local dish is the Hainanese Chicken Rice... I have done some location filming in Singapore for a couple of other movies but have yet to get a chance to film an entire movie here. But who knows...
Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau
  • Since I've been the mayor of New York, I analyse a city by its physical condition - that is important to me as it says something about the self-respect and about the sense of pride the people have. The physical condition of Singapore is magnificent, given the density of the population.
Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani at the Global Brand Forum
  • The exhibition of 20 monumental outdoor sculptures weighing close to 1.5 tonnes along with over 70 paintings, drawings and charcoals of Colombian maestro Fernando Botero is... one that should help give the island-state its much-wanted recognition as a centre of the arts equal to others in the world.
Carla Bianpoen, The Jakarta Post, 26 December 2004
  • I'm looking at a script currently that needs a cosmopolitan setting. Singapore is a strong contender for this. Plus the fact that it's so clean and so nice, I really hope to do a movie here sometime.
International superstar, Jackie Chan
  • Singapore is very clean and I feel comfortable being here. I have visited Singapore a few times and have been to the Zoo and Sentosa. If I have some free time, I would like to visit the Night Safari too.
Taiwanese songbird Jolin Tsai
  • The vibrant colors, aromatic scents, and balmy breezes of Singapore dazzled me during my visit in 2003. This one-of-a-kind, magical environment creates an exquisite sensory experience that I am hoping to capture in song.
Kevin Kern, New Age Pianist, Composer and Performing Artist
Abishek Bachchan, India
  • Singapore is an environment that is sufficiently different... but is also sufficiently similar, so that it's not so exotic that it becomes challenging.
Frank Lavin, United States Ambassador to Singapore (The Sunday Times, 6 June 2004)
  • It's a paradise for shoppers... The minute I get some time, I'll run to the stores!
Maksim, Classical cross-over pianist (Straits Times Life! 17 April 2004)
  • Been here a few times. Personally, Singapore's great fun, (and the) shopping! Huge complexes! What really attracts me is the whole culture... The people are really friendly!
Brett Lee, Australian fast bowler
  • Great fun coming to Singapore! Great people, great place!
Vivek Oberoi, India


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