National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS)

The National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) is a one-stop specialty centre offering a holistic range of clinical services to patients including clinical and basic research on cancer treatment. NCCS delivers outpatient clinical services with latest treatment technology based on research outcome.

NCCS deals with different types of cancer including: Breast, Gynaecology, Haematology, Head & Neck, Neuro-oncology, Naso-pharynx cancer (NPC), Paediatrics, Reconstructive, Hepatobiliary, Lymphoma, Musculo-skeletal, Colorectal, Genetic Counselling & Risk Evaluation And Prevention, Geriatric Oncology etc. For prostate cancer patients have an alternative treatment option with the introduction of the Prostate Seed Implant Brachytherapy.

Regular multidisciplinary tumor boards for various cancer groups are conducted on a weekly schedule. The cases presented by their primary caregivers will be scrutinized and challenged by relevant specialty interest groups made up of pathologists, medical oncologists and palliative physicians. The board will arrive at a consensus for an optimum treatment plan for patients.

The Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) is a member of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). It is a national initiative with a global vision that seeks to use genomic sciences to improve public health and public prosperity. Established in 2001 as a centre for genomic discovery, the GIS will pursue the integration of technology, genetics and biology towards the goal of individualized medicine. The genomics infrastructure at the GIS is utilized to train new scientific talent, to function as a bridge for academic and industrial research, and to explore scientific questions of high impact.

New graduate programme in palliative care NCCS signed a landmark MOU with Flinders University of South Australia during the year to offer the Graduate Certificate in Health I (Palliative Care). To help provide affordable cancer rehabilitation services to more patients, NCCS collaborated with Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital to offer services in areas like pain management and to help patients and their families cope with the physical and emotional stresses of treatment.

Against a backdrop of an ageing population, National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) launched the Geriatric Oncology programme in December 2006, to meet the needs of the elderly. NCCS also has opened its first satellite clinic outside of its Outram premises, at the 97—year—old Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital. Riding on the Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital’s low healthcare costs and expertise in geriatric care, the National Cancer Centre started a geriatric oncology clinic at the hospital recently. It will offer oral chemotherapy, and step—down or rehabilitative treatment for recovering patients.

Partnering a Danish team of doctors and scientists in a translational research project, NCCS has developed a high quality dendritic cell (DC) vaccine. Researchers believe that some cancer vaccines will be approved for clinical use within the next 12 months and during the year; NCCS signed a collaborative agreement withthe Van Andel Research Institute based in Michigan, USA to promote the sharing of medical knowledge and create a borderless medical community.

Johns Hopkins Singapore International Medical Centre is part of the Cancer Therapeutics Research Group (CTRG). The CTRG is a research collaboration between the National University Hospital (NUH), National University of Singapore (NUS), Sydney Cancer Centre / University of Sydney, Johns Hopkins Singapore International Medical Centre, Chinese University of Hong Kong and National Cancer Centre, Singapore to engage the expertise of these institutions in developing novel therapy for cancer through clinical trials.

Recently a new, rare hereditary disorder that strongly predisposes carriers (Rare cancer causing syndrome) found for the first time, in Singapore which will be helpful to develop breast cancer at an early age.

The year 2008 will mark 50 years of structured social services in Singapore. The product of this exercise is a strategic document titled Vision 2008: Towards 50 Years of Structured Social Services, prepared by NCSS with inputs from voluntary welfare organizations and relevant ministries. The strategic thrusts of the Vision 2008 include:

  • New services to meet emerging needs
  • Higher service standards
  • Optimization of social service delivery
  • Technology for human services
  • Exemplary levels of accountability and transparency
  • Greater meaning and significance to social service volunteering and giving
  • Affirmation of the dignity of social service recipients
  • Organizational excellence for NCSS

Cancer treatment is much more than curing the physical disease of the patient. Other on line services given by them are:

  • Colonoscopy patients help line (different guidelines)
  • Nasogastric tube-feeding help for cancer patients (offer individual guidelines)
  • Coping with cancer (to fight back against cancer including physical and psychological)
  • Dealing with kid’s cancer (kids friendly instruction for coping with kids cancer)

Contact address of National Cancer Centre Singapore

11 Hospital Drive
Singapore 169610
Phone: (65) 6436 8000
Fax: (65) 6225 6283