Eat With Your Family Day 2009

Fig 2: Eat With Your Family Day 2009Friday May 29, 2009

Singapore, Central Singapore

This year’s initiative will fall on Friday, 29 May 2009. They will be featured in the Sunday Times, Young Classified Section on 17 and 24 May 2009. It will include details of contests and prizes.

Eat With Your Family Day serves as a reminder of the importance of having meals as a family. Eating together goes a long way towards keeping the family close.

Initiated in 2003, the Centre for Fathering realised that Singaporeans are often too busy with work, school or other personal commitments to enjoy a meal with their families. Themed "a ritual of the heart", this year, fathers, in particular, are encouraged to treat their families to a meal or even prepare dinner on the day.

Companies are encouraged to let their staff off at 5pm on the day, to allow their employees to return home in time for dinner with their families.

Organisations which are keen to support the event can call Centre for Fathering at 6252-4808 or email