Singapore Books - Nature

Natural History of Singapore

by Johnson, D. S.
United Kingdom: Tynron Press, 1992, 142p.

What's often forgotten in high-urbanised Singapore is that it's home to a colourful variety of tropical plant and animal life. This book serves as an introduction to the common flora and fauna of Singapore, with brief descriptions and line drawings to help you recognise the many different species.

A Guide to Growing Native Plants of Singapore.

by Tan, Hugh T. W. & T. Morgany.
Singapore: Singapore Science Centre, 2001, 168p.

Some of the more attractive and interesting native Singapore plants are highlighted in this tidy and well-researched volume. Plant descriptions that form the bulk of the text provide details on cultivation characteristics, biology and appearance. A useful glossary and index are also included.

Chek Jawa: Discovering Singapore's Biodiversity.

by Chua, Ee Kiam.
Singapore: Simply Green, 2002, 115p.

A biological treasure lies undiscovered in the shallow tidal flats off Chek Jawa on the island of Pulau Ubin. It is one of Singapore's remaining pockets of pristine nature and home to a vibrant variety of marine life. This book, lovingly put together by naturalist Chua, chronicles his and his friends' efforts to save Chek Jawa from redevelopment.

Trees of Our Garden City: A Guide to the Common Trees of Singapore.

edited by Tee, Swee Ping & Wee Meu Lynn.
Singapore: National Parks Board, 2001, 202p.

Singapore is renowned for its unique image as a Garden City. This guide is an eye-opener on how this reputation has been achieved and maintained over the years. 80 of the most widely planted trees and palms are featured, accompanied by colour photographs, scientific information and advice on cultivation and care.