For Food Lovers

Enjoying Singapore for Food Lovers

  1. Let the Masterchefs pamper your tastebuds. Join our annual World Gourmet Summit - a truly gastronomic experience and a feast for the senses.
  2. Eat with your fingers! Dive into local seafood specialities like Chilli Crab, Black Pepper Crayfish and Buttered Prawns.
  3. Enjoy high tea at the Raffles Hotel's Bar & Billiard Room or have a cuppa and scones at the Regent Singapore.
  4. Join the locals at Yakun, Far East Square or 67 Killiney Road for a traditional breakfast of freshly brewed coffee and kaya (egg and coconut jam) on toast.
  5. Feast on a 10-course Chinese fusion dinner for 2 at Club Chinois, Orchard Parade Hotel.
  6. Spice up your life with some Indian cuisine at one of Little India's popular restaurants.
  7. Take a trishaw ride around the city and titillate your tastebuds with some New Asia cuisine at Doc Cheng's, Raffles Hotel.
  8. Enjoy a bird's eye view of Singapore's port whilst dining aboard a cable car.
  9. Have an affordable meal at a hawker centre - our answer to fast foods. Try a plate of char kway teow (noodles fried in sweet black sauce) and down it with a glass of sugar cane juice. Lau Pa Sat is a popular hangout for locals.
  10. Savour fiery fish head curry at Apolo Banana Leaf restaurant in Little India and cool your palate with a tall glass of lime juice.
  11. Enjoy a Rijsttafel dinner atop a hill at the Alkaff Mansion.
  12. Stroll down Orchard Road, Singapore's famous shopping street and look out for the local ice-cream man with his cartful of durian, red bean and corn flavoured ice cream. Ask for an ice cream sandwich!
  13. Try some colourful nonya kueh at the popular confectionery, Bengawan Solo.
  14. Toss yu sheng (raw fish salad) during Chinese New Year.
  15. Try delicious local grilled kebabs or satay, grilled to perfection and served with a spicy rich peanut gravy.
  16. Be reinvigorated after a balanced yin-yang meal at the Imperial Herbal Restaurant.
  17. A must-try is the thinly sliced barbecued pork sold at the popular stall, Bee Chun Heng in Chinatown.
  18. Try local desserts like ice-kachang, cold cheng tng and bubor cha cha. Perfect for that hot, tropical day!
  19. Try our favourite Hainanese Chicken Rice at the Chatterbox, Mandarin Hotel.
  20. Sign up for cooking classes at the Raffles Culinary Academy.
  21. Lunch with the lions at the Singapore Zoological Gardens!
  22. Make a date with the "king of fruits" - get a durian in Geylang, and lap it up. They say it tastes like heaven and smells like hell!
  23. Try melt-in-your-mouth egg tarts at Lisboa Bakery, Far East Square.