Local Souvenirs

What would a trip to Singapore be without taking home lasting impressions of the country? Souvenirs of Singapore can be found all over town in major department stores, shops and hotel shopping arcades and they range from T-shirts to local handicraft items. Our famed, historic Raffles Hotel offers a treasure trove of unique gifts and mementos inspired by its rich heritage.

RISIS Orchid & Peranakan Collections

The Orchid, Singapore's national flower, has been lovingly handcrafted to produce the Risis orchid. These are real orchids, dipped in 22K gold and made into pins, earrings and pendants. Besides this collection, also choose from the wide selection of the Peranakan collection, which range from ornate sets of brooches to unique name cardholders with designs inspired by the Peranakan culture, which is a fusion of Chinese, Malay and European influences. Its range of merchandise is available at Suntec City Mall and National Orchid Garden.

Art & Heritage Gifts

For more memorabilia of Singapore, drop into any one of our four Museum Shops located in the heart of town. The Museum Shops carry scenic posters of old and new Singapore, beautiful batik sarongs, locally-designed trinkets and unique momentos inspired by Singapore's art and heritage such as porcelain, jewellery, lacquerware and shawls.


Get a whiff of fragrant Malay spices like cloves, cinnamon and cardamon as you walk down the streets of Geylang Serai or the aromatic Indian spices like saffron and curry along colourful Serangoon Road. For a quick purchase, pick up any one of these spices which are also readily available in supermarkets and sundry shops. Spices of many Singaporean dishes come in pre-packed mixes. Perfect for whipping up a storm and impressing all back home!

Unique Cutlery

A unique combination at Doc Cheng's (at Raffles Hotel) is a pair of chopsticks cleverly inserted into a bowl. You'll also find coconut utensil from perforated skimmers to big stir-fry spoons.

Singapore Sling Products

The famous Singapore Sling has been captured on coasters, T-shirts and posters at the Raffles Hotel Museum Shop. There are also lots of other Raffles Hotelýsouvenirs such as fridge magnets, key chains and reproduction of luggage stickers from the 1960s.

Traditional Chinese Medicines

Eastern health remedies have always been a source of interest and curiosity.Try concocting a brew with traditional Chinese herbs that are readily available in the exotic medical halls in Chinatown.

Chinese Operatic Items

What about something totally different - Chinese operatic items? As the main supplier of operatic items, Eng Tiang Huat (at River Valley Road) is the place to visit if you want a gift that is different. Merchandise available range from hats to ladies' embroidered vests and from bamboo flutes to Chinese fiddles (Erhu).

Nature's Gifts

At the Singapore Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre, The Botanic Garden Shop offers a good selection of natural history books and nature souvenirs/gifts.