Dempsey and Tanglin

Dempsey Road

Once the British army's barracks and the former Central Manpower Base premises, this is now a haven of warehouses selling South-East Asian furniture, carpets and exotic artefacts. Here, you'll find Burmese teak cabinets crammed next to rosewood tables and Balinese settees. Nestled among all these is Linda Gallery - The House of Paintings. Specialising in Indonesian art, Linda Gallery offers visitors a haven for art viewing in its 2-storey high gallery space. The gallery also carries works by other Asian artists including those from Singapore and China.

Tanglin Shopping Centre

Singapore's oldest shopping mall is home to many galleries and antique shops selling high-quality Asian furniture and objets d'art. Gold Buddha statues, Tibetan gongs, Indian silverware, Papua New Guinean carvings and Peranakan beaded slippers beckon from exquisite window displays. Walk into HaKaren Art Gallery on the 2nd storey for contemporary oil, ink and watercolour works. Or for more avant-garde tastes, visit HaKaren in the basement of the centre to experience cutting edge contemporary art by artists from around the world. Next door, Tzen Gallery specialises in famous 19th century Chinese painters and contemporary masters while Yuen Gallery on the 3rd storey features traditional and modern Chinese paintings for the discerning collector. Pick up antique Japanese furniture from the late 19th century (Meiji period) and early 20th century (Taisho period) at Akemi Gallery or Chinese and Southeast Asia artefacts from Kensoon Asiatic Art. Discover antiquarian maps, original and reproduction prints, photographs, books and oriental works of art at Antiques of the Orient. With more than 45 shops offering a myriad of arts and antiques, there is something to suit everyone's taste and pocket.