Things to Do

Shopping is one of the greatest pleasures in Singapore. Part of the fun is the excellent buys and great variety of shops all over the island. This is where world-class shopping abounds. A day spent browsing and buying turns into an unforgettable experience as theme designer boutiques, local and international department stores, speciality shops and bargain counters compete with outdoor cafes and gourmet restaurants for your attention. More . . Shopping in Singapore

You can find almost anything you want at most large shopping centres which sell everything from cosmetics to jewellery to sportswear. Visitors who want a quick referral for specific products will find our list below useful. More . . What to buy

The more discerning visitor can look forward to private events hosted by the illustrious Sotheby's and Glerums & Bonhams for exclusive items, like works of art and jewellery. More . . Shopping - Special Focus

Singapore food is a tasty tale about a country's unique cultural tapestry, and the way individual strands have woven into others, and changed hue in the process. Food preparations that came to Singapore from India, China and other countries in the region may still bear the original names - but they are indelibly transformed by being 'Singaporeanised'. More . . Singapore Food and Nightlife

You'll be astounded by the number of activities that can be packed into this pulsating island, day and night. And the best part is that you can visit Singapore at all times of the year as its tropical climate means sunshine all year round. More . . Ways to enjoy Singapore

There are not just English-language theatres in Singapore, but also Chinese language theatre groups such as Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble which produces international classics in Mandarin, as well as Malay and Tamil language theatre groups. More . . Singapore Culture Arts and Entertainment

A short walk from the main grounds of The Sentosa Resort & Spa, surrender yourself to the lovely Spa Gardens which offer floatation pools with cascading waters in perfect balance with healing mud pools and a labyrinth set up in an intricate design of twists and turns to relax body and mind. More . . Singapore Spa

While it's true that the two favourite Singaporean pastimes are eating and shopping, sports is also an integral part of the Singaporean lifestyle. Whether it's diving, dirt biking, water-skiing and rock climbing, weekends see throngs of Singaporeans and expatriates working up a sweat. More . . Sporting Singapore