The Open Air Amphitheater

The open-air amphitheater sits a capacity of 2,500 and is conveniently located next to the Sentosa Express Beach Station at Palawan Beach. With two shows nightly, be transported into the enchanted world where mystical sea creatures, a dashing young hero, beautiful young princess and all things magical come to life before your very eyes! Inspired and designed by Japanese architect, Dr Kisho Kurokawa, from DP Architects, Singapore, the building will house a Greek amphitheatre, bars and restaurants, and a rainforest atrium.

The Palawan Amphitheatre is the place where the intelligence, alertness, receptiveness and more qualities of the animal friends are displayed in the shows held everyday. Reptiles, monkeys, parrots as well as others are seen getting into their funny acts. You can also get up close and personal at the daily animal and bird encounters at this new Palawan Amphitheatre. Bird shows, staged at the amphitheatre and the Falconry Arena, are entertaining and educational and have thrilled.

Always keep your eyes open, otherwise you will never know how intelligent or how responsive these animals can be. There are a variety of these shows, with seven sessions each day. You can get up close with a Burmese python, see the macaques, or interact with a variety of parrots depending on what time you show up. The Amphitheatre also includes a food court and two beach bars, ensure visitors will not go hungry.

Location: At Siloso Beach just by the Sentosa Express Beach Station

Viewing style: Open-air amphitheatre

Duration: 25 minutes