Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3

Changi Airport Terminal 3 will open on 9 January 2008. The S$1.75 billion terminal comprises 380000 square meter of space and is located directly opposite Terminal 2. It’s the largest of Changi Airport’s three terminals, and can handle 22 million passengers a year.

Singapore Changi Aiport Terminal 3 Arrival HallSingapore Changi Aiport Terminal 3 Transit

The roof of the main terminal building is recovered in 919 skylights that automatically adjust to the sunlight, allowing the inside of the terminal to be filled with soft natural light. As you look up you’ll see beautiful and complex moving shades that form random textures throughout the whole building – and because of the specially designed shades there’s never any glare nor intrusion of the outdoor tropical heat. At night, the skylights glow with artificial lighting discreetly concealed below the reflector panels. The result is a shooting ambience all times of the day and night.

With 20 regular aerobridge gates, and 8 large aircraft A380 gates there will be a lot of people moving around the terminal. From the moment you stop off the plane you’ll find that the building naturally guides you the where you want to go. As you take a look around you’ll see exactly where you are in relation to everything else.

Singapore Changi Aiport Terminal 3 Departure Hall – ImmigrationSingapore Changi Aiport Terminal 3 Departure Hall – Check-In

And because almost all the walls are made of glass, you can even see friends and relatives in the public area as the wave goodbye. All the escalators and lifts can be easily seen from any one point. Everything you need when you arrive or depart is all on the same level, and you can even see out to the runway and out to the departure drop-off area, all in one turn of the head.

Terminal 3 has 7 storeys – 4 levels above ground and 3 levels below ground and has almost as many services and amenities as some small cities! If you enjoy watching planes take off and land, there’s a floor-to-ceiling viewing gallery on the 4th floor that even makes the control tower staff envious. Natural greenery is everywhere in the building. Trees, plants and foliage are an integral part of the terminal’s architectural design. Another beautiful creation is a 5 – storey tall and 300 – metre long vertical garden. The green wall is a massive natural retreat with 4 waterfalls, and layers of tropical foliage. It can be seen from anywhere in the land side of the terminal, and ends with a sculptured sandstone art wall at the arrival hall that gives people waiting for their luggage one more reason to take a photograph.

Singapore Changi Aiport Terminal 3 Level 3 MezzanineSingapore Changi Aiport Terminal 3 Sky train Transfer

Weather it’s the rainforest canopy-like roof, or the hassle-free way of getting around, Changi Airport Terminal 3 is an enjoyable part of your journey.