Orchard Road

Orchard Road got its name from the many nutmeg and pepper plantations that lined the street during the 1840s. Thinly populated, its only residents were plantation owners like Scotts, Cairnhill, and Cuppage whose names are familiar as street names today.

For decades, not much was thought of a plantation often plagued by natural disasters. In the 1900s, a mysterious disease swept through the nutmeg plantations, wiping them out within a year. Because of its location in a valley, floods were also common. They were only controlled in 1965 when Stamford Canal - part of which runs below the pedestrian mall fronting Wisma Atria Shopping Centre today - was deepened and widened.

In the 1970s, pioneering landmarks like C. K. Tangs, Plaza Singapura and the Mandarin Hotel came up and led the way for entertainment complexes. Brick by brick, and block by block, towers of glass and steel lined what used to be mud-tracks to make Orchard Road the upbeat lifestyle hub.

Today, this is the area where the high-class hotels predominate. It is also the domain of Singapore's elite, who are lured by the shopping centers, nightspots, restaurants, bars and lounges. Ornate cornices, elegant louvered shutters, Corinthian pillars and deep verandas come together beautifully in the neo-Palladian, Anglo-Indian Istana.

If you are looking for the action and life of Singapore, this is it. Never a dull moment. You can eat, shop, stroll around and people watch, or sit back at a cafe and watch the giant TV screen overlooking the street. Every store is here that you have ever heard of, and many new ones. Check out Tang’s, a Chinese brandmark, plus every other consumer-fueled dream nightmare acid trip money using product offering candy coated credit card deck stacked wild eyed thing.