Flying Trapeze

Learn to fly as Trapeze instructors have you sailing through the air in no time! Or watch on the ground as your friends and family conquer their fear of heights. It is an excellent form of sport and recreation and it helps develop one's mind, body and coordination at Sentosa. It also helps conquer one's fear of height. This fantastic entertainment let you experience as a flying trapeze. It helps develop one’s mind, body and coordination. For kids 4 years and above but not for pregnant women.

The flying trapeze is always done over a net, and everyone wears a safety harness. A group of trapeze artistes help novices perform knee hangs, mid-air flips and even somersaults 9 meters above the ground.

Familiar to most as a traditional circus attraction the Flying Trapeze is growing increasingly popular throughout the world as an energetic, fun leisure activity. Test your nerves and bearing at the flying trapeze near the beach at Rasa Sentosa Resort.  How about some furious spins at a 650-metre luge in Sentosa Luge. The Flying Trapeze; that of the flying through the air and leaping into each other’s arms fame is an interesting game that involves the thrilling experience of observing the players swing in ropes high above.

Courage and strength both are required to play this game and so, the players seem to sweep past the sky and catch each other while creating an extended horizontal cord of men. Try your hand at being a Trapeze Artiste at Sentosa with Singapore’s first Flying Trapeze School. Nimble Arts have information on their flying trapeze classes and workshops.