Robertson Quay

Robertson Quay, Singapore

Another area of interest is Robertson Quay. This undiscovered gem of the Singapore River will provide you with an interesting array of evening entertainment. After the bright lights and loud music of Boat Quay, Robertson Quay is more laid-back, with an eclectic mix of international restaurants with alfresco dining, wine bars, arts houses, hotel cafes and high class condominiums.

In the past, the merchants built offices, warehouses and jetties at Robertson Quay, to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods. Children would often stand and wave from the old Kampung houses along the banks. Many a times, they would take off their clothes and jump in for a cool afternoon swim.

Today, Robertson Quay houses a string of hotels hugging the river as if nurtured by its flow. As competition is keen, each hotel offers different rates and packages and incentives for visitors. In addition, each has their own speciality. In particular are their big international buffets spreads of appetisers, entrees and tropical desserts!

Against the background of the old godowns of old Singapore, you now see night-spots bustling with the island's hip crowd. In the past, the waterside invited languid afternoons of idle talk. Today, promenades host idle talk over Cafe Latte or Capuccino... as afternoons turn into evenings of enchantment.