Sentosa Herb and Spice Garden

Walk into the Spice Gardens and open your senses to the world of spices and fragrant herbs. With clear interpretative signage, these exotic plants are planted in contour beds, intersected by little pathways so that you can come up close and absorb their wonderful aroma. This experience is both educational and fun. It’s amazing what nature provides us with. It really is a total immersion of the senses.

In recognition of the crucial role of spices, whether in history or today’s cuisines, the Sentosa Spice Garden was started in 1993, with just 30 species of spices. Since then, more species have been added and in 1997, the garden was renamed Herb & Spice Garden of Sentosa to better reflect the diversity of its occupants.

Sentosa Herb & Spice Garden boasts a collection of more than 250 species of traditional herbs and spices - making it among the most comprehensive in Singapore and the region. Organically grown, these herbs & spices are widely used in cooking, beverages and homeopathic cures. Part of the garden is open to public as a free attraction on the island. Explore and identify local herbs commonly used in folklore as alternative medicine.

Enjoy BBQ food, network with free flow of Roselle tea over at Herb & Spice Garden. Mingle around and make new friends in this 1-acre garden. If you love the outdoor, you would enjoy this event. At the sales counter you can pick up products ranging from roselle drinks, herbal teas, essential oils, culinary pastes and fresh herbs and spices.

Green pharmacy & culinary herbs tour brings you more information and facts of the herbal plants in this region on how they are used for both medicinal and culinary purposes in our daily lives used in folk or alternative medicine. The Herb and Spice Garden is opened for the visitors at 10.30 a.m. and closes down at 3.30 p.m.