Red Dot Design Museum

Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore for Red Dot Award at red dot trafficThe red dot design museum in Singapore is the only contemporary design museum in Asia and presents the most unusual exhibition of product design. Like Design Zentrum, the physical embodiment of the red dot design awards, you will view everyday objects in a new light, an exclusive exhibition venue for red dot design award winners. The museum is located at red dot traffic, a heritage building given a new lease of life with clever space transformation to become Singapore's de facto creative hub. Its red façade is an iconic landmark in Singapore and a contrary to grey skyscrapers in the central business district.

The museum showcases living example of everyday preferences and product culture. Explore the many different aspects of excellence, examine what is good design in present and what it may become in future. The museum engages, excites and inspires its visitors with interactive installations and interesting exhibitions on design. It is the focal point of design and creative activities such as design conferences, exhibitions and parties. The red dot design museum is also the most fascinating event venue in Singapore.

Red Dot Design Museum to Serve Red Dot Award

The motivation anchoring the red dot award: design concept is the celebration of ideas, identifying new and exciting talent, as well as linking talent to industry. It is here that products and brands communicate their design excellence and differentiate themselves from the mediocre. It also provides important orientation to businesses, design professionals consumers on what or who has the best design. The museum serves as a communication platform of these winning ideas and concepts to the public, consumers and industry.

About red dot traffic, the former traffic police HQ

A colonial building, the former traffic police HQ, situated in Central Business District at Maxwell Road was transformed into a landmark for innovation and creativity in Singapore. red dot traffic is home to creative companies such as advertising agencies, schools and design studios. Anchored at the traffic is the red dot design museum, a global showcase of excellent design standards. For more information about the red dot traffic Building, please see

Opening Hours: Mon, Tue & Fri (closed on Wed & Thu): 11am to 6pm, Sat & Sun: 11am to 8pm

Admission Fees: Adults: S$8, Students and Seniors: S$4

Red Dot Design Museum
28 Maxwell Road
red dot traffic
Singapore 069120
Phone: +65 6327 8027
Fax: +65 6534 7141

Getting There:

Travel by Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
Nearest MRT station is 0.15km away. Take the East West Line (Green) and stop "Tanjong Pagar" (EW15).
Travel by car
The nearest expressway exit is 0.69 km away, take the East Coast Parkway Expressway (ECP) Exit 18. The nearest ERP Gantry is 0.51 km away @ Prince Edward Road - ERP 8, CBD, Restricted Zone B. The museum is situated along Maxwell Road, enter the car park via Peck Seah Street.
Travel by Bus
Nearest Bus Stop is 0.13 km away, with the following services available:
SBS - 10, 100, 107, 130, 162, 16M, 196, 65M, 70, 89M, 97
SMRT - 75

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