Buildings dating from the Colonial era being progressively converted for use as museums include the magnificent Empress Place Building along the Singapore River and the Singapore Art Museum on Bras Basah Road.

Housed in a historic building, that is over 90 years old the Singapore Philatelic Museum has a fine collection of local and international stamps, first day covers and other interesting exhibits. The Asian Civilisations Museum focuses on the civilisations of the East, Southeast, South and West Asia. Singapore Mint Coin Gallery is an impressive collection of coins, medals and medallions from all over the world. Pewter , an alloy combining tin, copper and antimony, is a specialty of Southeast Asia.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum traces the development of the Republic of Singapore Air Force from its early days as the Royal Air Force in 1927 to the present. With exhibits tracing the development of naval forces in Singapore the Singapore Navy Museum is well worth a visit.

Situated amidst serene surroundings at Kent Ridge Cresent near the National University of Singapore, NUS museums offers a memorable experience for anyone seeking a taste of ancient culture and contemporary artworks of Asia. The Changi Museum replaces the former Changi Prison Chapel and Museum (built in 1988) that had to make way for the expansion of the Changi Prison.

In the Images of Singapore visitors can sample the different facets of Singapore under one roof.