Island of Singapore

Singapore is not just one island, but a main island with over 50 surrounding islets. Some of Singapore's smaller islands offer a quiet respite from the big city with their laid-back ambience, idyllic beaches and inviting waters.

Sentosa - Singapore's resort island getaway is a must-see for all visitors. Just minutes away from the bustle of the city, this island of tranquillity welcomes you with beautiful sandy beaches, rustic nature trails, Asia's most exciting oceanarium & Dolphin Lagoon, historical sites, museums and great entertainment!

Pulau Ubin is a window into Singapore 30 years ago - thatched huts, backyard orchards, dirt tracks and interesting wildlife. St. John's Island, a former penal colony which has been transformed into a tranquil resort with abundant watersport activities and holiday bungalows, makes an ideal getaway.

Kusu or "Turtle" Island is best known for its legend of how a giant turtle turned itself into an island in order to save two shipwrecked sailors, a Malay and a Chinese.

Lazarus and Sisters Islands are some of the other easily accessible tropical paradises known for snorkelling and diving. Simply catch a ferry from the Singapore Cruise Centre at the World Trade Centre or hire your own boat from Jardine Steps, Clifford Pier or the Changi Jetty.