Chinatown Heritage Centre

Chinatown Heritage CentreLocated in three newly restored shophouses at the ethnic quarters of Chinatown, the Chinatown Heritage Centre houses a wealth of memories and untold stories of how Singapore's early forefathers had settled in this area after their perilous journey from afar.

Each level of the Centre takes you to a different time in the history of Chinatown and allows you to trace the lives of its early occupants. Life in the old days was very simple and almost everyone lived in rented cubicles of shophouses. Poverty, diseases and harsh living conditions were common and widespread. The hard life of the migrants resulted in many of them seeking solace in the four evils: opium smoking, prostitution, gambling and secret societies. On a brighter note, Chinatown, in its heyday, was always bustling with life and activity. Traditional festivals of different races were celebrated here, thus making Chinatown culturally vibrant and unique.

Learn about this rich history through exhibits that relate the real life stories of Chinatown's former residents. Get a chance to see how each cubicle of a typical shophouse was like in the past, as each has been skillfully re-created based on the recollections of its former residents. This personal touch enables you to relate to the core human spirit and guarantees an enriching Gallery experience.

Guided tours of the Gallery are conducted on the hour. While waiting for the tour to commence, do drop by at the Centre's Kopi Tiam (a traditional term for coffeeshop) for an aromatic cup of coffee and local snack. Looking for a memento of Chinatown? Select from a range of unique traditional souvenirs such as hand-sewn Chinese quilted blankets, traditional miniature sewing machines and clogs at the retail shop.

Open: 10am - 7pm (daily)

Admission: SGD 8 adults, SGD 4.80 children

Approximate Touring Time: 1.5 hours

Location: 48 Pagoda Street Singapore 059207
(65) 6325 2878
(65) 6325 2879

Getting There: Take the MRT to City Hall Station (EW13/NS25) and take bus service no. 61, 80, 197 from North Bridge Road.

Website: Chinatown Heritage Centre