Where can I find authentic Singaporean local food?

Ans: There are over 120 food centres (also known as hawker centres) and countless food courts* and kopitiams** dotted all over the island, housing over 17,000 food stalls in total. Thus, it's not difficult to imagine how accessible local food is in Singapore.

Some popular food centres easily accessible to tourists include: Newton Circus Food Centre, Maxwell Food Centre, Chinatown Food Street, Lau Pat Sat Festival Market and the East Coast Lagoon Food Village. There is also a food court - or two - in almost every shopping mall, so you can be assured there's always food a stone's throw away.

*Food Courts are air-conditioned halls which feature a range of different stalls selling different kinds of food, of the SIngapore variety, and of the international variety.

**Kopitiam is a local term for coffee shop. Found in every residential town centre, kopitiams sell a variety of local food.