How was restoration of the Merlion done?

Ans: The Merlion was washed and stripped of its old coat of paint and stains. The Merlion cub had its old damaged porcelain tiles replaced by new pieces of porcelain plates, bowls, spoons and ash trays donated by The Fullerton Singapore. Glass sculptured waves in hues of blue were built at the base of the Merlion and the cub. These waves are illuminated by spotlights. A new improved water pump system was also installed to enable the Merlion to spout water. The system consists of two pump units especially designed for pumping sea water. The pump units work alternately, with one on standby at any one time. In addition to the water spout, both the Merlion and the Merlion cub have cascading water overflowing from their wave-like pedestals.